If I were forced to pick the best Pagan-themed television show, it would have to be "Robin of Sherwood." Created by Richard Carpenter, it showcased a mystical and occult-drenched version of the mythos, complete with Herne the Hunter as patron of Robin Hood. The show was filled with magicians, witches, and a near-fictional mythic Britain. It quietly, tacitly, endorsed the idea of the “good Pagan” (tied to the land) who fought against evil-doers and corrupt church officials. Further, unlike some more modern shows with occult/Pagan themes,  it never nudge-nudge, wink-winked at the magical bits, even when the special effects and costumes could have been better. 

Considering the popularity of Game of Thrones, and the coming adaptation of American Gods, I think we’re well overdue for a rebooted Robin of Sherwood on cable (not to diss the 2006 Robin Hood series, which I thought was fine, but not nearly as good). I think it has all the elements to be a smashing success, if done right. 

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    I just started watching it, it’s pretty cool. Do they ever address how Friar Tuck feels about the fact that Robin...
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    I loved that show when i was a boy, and i re-watched a year ago.
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    I thought that was one of the Knights Who Say Knee.
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    Agreed … would love to see this